CSR Consulting

Corporate social responsibility, a term often abbreviated as “CSR,” refers to Corporate Conscience, a form of corporate self-regulation, a business approach by Corporations towards capacity building for sustainable livelihoods. Corporate social responsibility is a continuing commitment by companies to integrate social, environmental and ethical principles into the core business, to engage and empower their own stakeholders as well as the local community and society at large.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an umbrella term that refers to business practices involving multitude of initiatives that benefit society.

CSR is an integral part of the wealth creation process, peripheral to the main business and of business giving back to the society and raising country’s human development index.

Aspire PR is a premier CSR consulting firm in India dedicated to helping purpose-driven companies and nonprofit organizations create social change.

  • We create, design, focus and implement customized CSR activities to mitigate risks, enhance corporate image to achieve better business objectives.
  • We believe in collaboration, systematic and effective implementation of CSR strategies and impact focused initiatives aligned with your company’s long term vision and values, products and expertise, and stakeholder expectations.
  • We work closely with our network of NGO’s across India and help you bring access to funding, in-kind donations, on-board relevant and credible partners, to maximize your social impact.
  • We generate and develop high-impact content that is integrated to all your communications, including website, social and digital media, newsletters, blogs, press releases, and other collaterals.
  • We have the expertise, resources and immense credibility to ensure that the intended beneficiaries gain from our well-structured CSR project.

Benefits of CSR – A Win-win Scenario for Corporates as well as Society

Risk Management: In the event of any crisis or social risks, engaging in CSR activities help companies in risk management and maintaining a positive image in the market.

Strengthened Brand Positioning: Engaging CSR activities can strengthen the brand image and positively influence the perception of consumers, community, investors, employees and the suppliers.

Employee Management: Through CSR, Companies gain positive imageof a responsible and ethical company. This helps to attract, motivate and retain employees.

Generating Sales and Market share: CSR activities lead to innovation and reflect companies’ intention to share a certain portion of their sales to certain cause. This increases the brand image and its uniqueness thereby resulting in increase in sales.

Increased appeal to Investors: Investors like to associate with companies that are engaged in CSR and Sustainability activities to make perfect economic sense for their money.

Enhanced Corporate Image: Through CSR activities, company and its top management gain positive image and respect in different circles of its operation. This helps in enhancing the image of a company.

Aspire PR understands that Corporate Social Responsibility is a critical mission and our devised CSR Program can implement all aspects of your CSR strategy and goals and value add to your business.Our CSR consultants can help you build a strategic, scalable, impactful, sustainable platform to conduct your CSR or Philanthropy in India.